Some markets call it ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording), we call it Dubbing: adding original dialogue or voice-over to video and film.

The most demanding scenario for dubbing is the case of “lip sync” - when the dialogue is “on camera” and the recording has to fit prompt on the exact

video speech lip movements. This is very common in animation/cartoon, film and soap opera dubbing.


With a 32" LCD TV inside the booth, voice-over talents have total control over the recorded footage/animation and can thus achieve the perfect lip sync. After multiple takes, we select the best ones and synchronise them with the video to make sure that the lip sync is correct.

Concerning “off camera” dubbing, i.e. in advertising promo announcements, we follow step-by-step the procedure of VO Recording - Sound design - Music - Mixing (as described in respective links) and provide our clients with a round sound & image project, ready for broadcasting.