Capturing the stunning view of the Santorini volcano at sunset… Filming a young couple walking on a sandy beach next to the clear blue waters… Some images have an international emotional language that is required in many commercials. And we are in the position to capture them with minimum costs because we are based in Greece, in a country blessed by nature and sun.


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Sting Studio

Sting Studio can help you add value to your projects with unique shots recorded just for you. We call it "Footage on Demand": you tell us your idea, how you imagine the shots and we realize them for you. With the camera you want, be it a simple HD or a hi-tech Alexa, with the

director you prefer or with one of the directors we collaborate with, with actors, extras, props and whatever you may require. Having made several takes of the scenes, we send them to you on the spot in low res so as to get the approval from you and your clients, in order to

move on to the next scene. It is easy, powerful and definitely cost-effective.