No recording can be completed without the right voice-over talent... Sting Studio holds a long-term relationship with Greece's leading voice-over artists and will suggest multiple experienced professionals that go inline with your project's nature and style.

Of course you can also pick them up yourself, through our explicit VO search engine that helps you find the ideal voice for your criteria.


Having agreed upon the voice talent that perfectly fits your needs, the recording session is arranged normally in 24 hours, or even on the same day if time is crucial. Our spacious booth comfortably fits 10 actors, and the sessions can be recorded on several channels for multiple track-laying.

Following your directions (or ours, in case you cannot be present at the recording), the voice talent performs several takes of the written announcement or prose. We normally try at least two tonal variations and different speeds of speech, to make sure we have covered all possible needs that may arise.

When the recording is over, we pick together the best takes or the best parts within takes (ie phrases, or even words!) and create rough sample mixes to agree upon the preferred one. Now it's time for you to go back to work (if you want), while we move forward to the mixing stage.